[BETA] Welcome to the State of the State Hawaii data tool!

Wondering where Hawaii stands nationally on various well-being data points? Want to see how Hawaii’s ranking on health, safety, or education indicators has changed in recent years? Our State of the State tool allows you to see Hawaii data along side national data across well-being domains. Begin by (1) selecting which well-being Domain described in this site you’d like to learn more about. Next, (2) choose a specific Indicator for the selected domain. Finally, (3) select the Year for which you’d like to view indicator data.


We're sorry. At this time this visualization tool is not supported on mobile devices. Please use a computer or full-size tablet to view this content.

Note: Not all indicators listed here correspond to the indicators listed in the other visualization tools. This is a curated list of indicators, and includes some indicators that are (currently) only available at the state level.

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