The Challenge… and Opportunity

Community decision makers, whether directly or indirectly, impact our collective well-being. Legislators determine the laws and policies that govern us, business leaders influence the economic climate in which we work and bank, nonprofit leaders shape services for the vulnerable among us, and community leaders help weave our social fabric. Quality data helps enable these individuals to make thoughtful, sound decisions, and assess the impact of those decisions—not only within their respective sectors, but for the community as a whole.

Right now, it’s difficult to access meaningful, cohesive data that can help us understand how people across Hawaii are faring, and which decisions are—or aren’t—working in creating healthy, thriving communities. What’s more, that lack of data undermines our shared understanding of the complex factors that support or erode our collective well-being, as well as our ability to assess changes in those factors over time.

But this challenge presents a unique opportunity: To reimagine what is possible if we share a language and foundational knowledge about community well-being, supported by high-quality, relevant, and easily accessible data.

Our Strategy

The Project is actively working to address these issues by acting on three broad sets of questions:

Central to our efforts is the understanding that there are many conversations around well-being. We work to support and encourage a data-informed approach to these conversations and, ultimately, to the decisions that shape our state and communities.