We are advancing an understanding of well-being that draws from a broad range of scientific research and applications, and aligns around a proposed set of foundational pre-conditions that allow individuals, families and communities to flourish. These factors include:

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Civic Engagement Health Education Economic Opportunity Social Capital Culture & Diversity Environment Safety & Security Transportation Housing
  • Economic Opportunity

  • Health

  • Education

  • Safety

  • Housing

Upon this foundation, we propose that well being also depends upon:

  • Environmental Protection

  • Civic Engagement

  • Accessible, Reliable Transportation

  • Supportive Relationships and Social Capital

  • Respect and Tolerance for Culture and Diversity

The resulting framework is intended to serve as an introductory foundation for exploring a meaningful, locally informed and data driven understanding of well being in Hawaii. The framework allows us to build a set of specific measures or indicators of well being, across a broad range of relevant domains, that helps us tell the story of the strengths and challenges faced by communities across the state.

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