The data that drives our visualization tools can be downloaded here. All of the data we use is available with the exception of the Property and Violent Crime indicators, which are proprietary to Location Inc.

The data file contains five tabs:

  • Data: Includes our complete dataset of indicators for all available years and regions. Regions include State, County, DOH Districts, House Districts, Senate Districts, Zip Code, and Tract

  • Dictionary: Provides information on each indicator including a description, notes, and the source. “Variable names” correspond to those found in the dataset, and “Labels” correspond to those listed in the visualization tools

  • Region Labels: Provides the Region Name, County, and Island associated with each Region Type & Number

  • State Data: Includes our dataset of indicators shown on the “State of the State” visualization tool, and has the national average as well as values for the 50 individual states

  • State Dictionary: Follows the same format as the dictionary, and provides information on each indicator found in the State data

  • State Region Labels: Provides the State associated with each Region Type & Number, and corresponds with the State data